To ensure your access to Lafayette services abroad, there are several things you should consider before your departure.

  • Do you intend to use your current mobile device?
  • Does your carrier have a international phone & data plan?
  • Will you be acquiring a new device and/or data plan when you reach your location?

Please contact your carrier to ensure your device and data plan will be sufficient for your travels.

Two-Step Login Checklist

Ensure you have enrolled in Duo Mobile

DUO Mobile is the recommended Two-Step Login method and will work anywhere there is a wireless network connection or wireless carrier service available.

To register your device with DUO Mobile, please review the instructions here.

Note: The Google Play Store may not be available in some regions. Those with Android devices will need to have Duo Mobile installed before arriving to these regions to use this method.

Generate SMS Passcodes

In the event you forgot or lost your primary device, its important to have a backup. By creating a batch of one-time use Passcodes prior to your departure, you will have ensured you can access Lafayette services.

To generate these Passcodes, please review the instructions here.

Consider a YubiKey/U2F token

A YubiKey/U2F token is a USB device you carry with you and allows you to authenticate to two-step login from anywhere. Simply plug the YubiKey/U2F token into the computer and press the button when prompted.

To register a YubiKey/U2F token, please review the instructions here. 

Requesting a temporary bypass code

In the event of an emergency, you may request a temporary bypass code that can be used to register a mobile phone, landline, or other device after arriving at your destination.

Request a temporary bypass code by contacting the Help Desk at or (610) 330-5501.

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