There are several approaches that can be used to successfully log in to your Lafayette accounts while abroad using Two-Step Login. In order to register a new device to be used for Two-Step Login while abroad, you need to either have NO devices registered or have at least one device registered which you will be able to use in order to register another device. Additional options are outlined below.

Traveling Abroad Two-Step Login Options

Duo Mobile app

Register your mobile device (smart phone or tablet) using the Duo Mobile app prior to traveling abroad. The app will allow you to generate a passcode on demand with or without an internet connection. If Internet access is available, Duo Push is an option that does not require the phone system, only internet.

Note: The Google Play Store cannot be accessed in China preventing those with Android devices from installing the Duo Mobile app in China. If traveling to China, you will need to already have Duo Mobile installed on your device or use one of the other options outlined below.

U2F device or YubiKey

A U2F device or YubiKey is a device that allows you to authenticate without needing a mobile device or phone in any geographical location. Simply plug the U2F device into the computer via USB/USB-C.

Note: U2F devices only work with Chrome browsers and do not work with Firefox.

SMS Passcodes

Prior to going abroad, you can use the Two-Step Login page to text yourself a group of ten SMS passcodes to keep with you in case you do not have access to any of your devices.

The one-time codes are sent in groups of ten. To use them, click on the green “Enter a Passcode” button in the two-step login frame in your browser. Then click on “Text me new codes” in the blue bar. Each time you use the passcode method for two-step login, the first digit of the next code in the series will be shown in the blue bar.

Passcodes are valid for six months.

Temporary Bypass Code

You may request a temporary bypass code which can be used to registering a telephone device or land line upon arriving at the remote destination and determine what your foreign phone number is.

Request a temporary bypass code by contacting the Help Desk at or (610) 330-5501.

Setting up Two-Factor Login Abroad

Registering Your Devices for Two-Step Login

Visit Two-Step Login and follow the steps in Enrolling in Two-Step Login. It is important to register more than device, including one you will continue to have access to after arriving on campus.

ITS recommends using SMS passcodes or a U2F device registered for use with Chrome to ensure continued access to your Lafayette accounts. Prior to traveling to campus from locations abroad, you can send yourself a batch of passcodes via SMS (see Two-Step Login for more information). You can also use a U2F device for use with Chrome.

Installing Duo Mobile app

The Duo Mobile app can be added to any smart phone or tablet following the instructions found on Two-Step Login under the Installing Duo Mobile section.

Note: The Google Play Store cannot be accessed in China preventing those with Android devices from installing the Duo Mobile app in China.

Phone Callback Method

One of the options for setting up Two-Step Login uses a phone callback for authentication. This does not work with phones using the country code +82. Duo Mobile still works as does receiving SMS passcodes.