Your Lafayette credentials, which consist of your NetID and password, give you access to most College systems. It is extremely important that you do not share your Lafayette password with anyone, including family members and colleagues, or use it for other websites.

ITS provides an online password utility that allows you to change or reset your password, set and update a recovery email, and request guest wireless accounts for your campus visitors.

Change Your Password

ITS recommends you change your password every three to six months as well as any time you think it may have been compromised. We also provide guidelines on how to create strong passwords.

Set or Reset a Password

If you need to set a password for the first time, or you do not remember your password, and have set a recovery email, you can have a temporary link sent to that address that allows you to set/reset your password.

Using Two-Step Login

Two-step login, also known as two-factor authentication, protects your Lafayette NetID by adding a second step when authenticating to applications that use single sign-on (SSO). It provides an additional layer of security so that attackers can’t access protected systems with only your NetID.

Manage Your RECOVERY Email

The password utility includes a feature that lets you reset a forgotten password. This feature requires that you set a recovery email. The recovery email you provide will not be used for any communication other than the password reset. Please come back to update your recovery email if you change email providers or stop using the recovery email account.

Manage Your Alumni Email Forward

The College offers email forwarding to alumni. All messages sent to your email address will be forwarded to the email address that you specify. Alumni can manage their forwarding address with this utility.

Guest Wireless Accounts

Guest accounts provide temporary access to wireless Internet for up to 72 hours. Students, faculty, and staff with active NetID accounts can create guest accounts. Hosts are responsible for the conduct of guests. You should only create guest accounts for people you know and trust.

Sponsored Accounts

Sponsored accounts provide access to Lafayette electronic resources, including wireless network and Internet. Sponsored accounts are for people who have an ongoing relationship with the College but are not faculty or staff. Sponsored accounts have a defined lifetime, but may be renewed by the sponsor. Only faculty or staff may request a sponsored account.

  • To request a sponsored account, contact the Help Desk at or (610) 330-5501.

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